Y7. Where Hip Hop, Candlelight, and Yoga Collide.

Love and Loathing LA Y7


Have you ever thought to yourself, “wow, it’d be really fun to do a yoga class to some Lauren Hill and Nas.”? Well even if you haven’t, guess what – it’s a thing. There’s a bit of a yoga trend descending on Los Angeles, and one things for sure it’s not the kinda yoga your momma and Buddhist monks are accustomed to. This is some real 2016 shit people, where loud music, sweat, and windowless candlelit rooms entice the 20, 30-something ‘workout adventurous’ kind. If you’re looking for the next big fitness obsession in LA, allow me then to introduce you to Y7.


Love and Loathing LA Y7

Love and Loathing LA Y7

Love and Loathing LA Y7

Love and Loathing LA Y7

Love and Loathing LA Y7


“Flow So Hard”, “Namast’ay Fly”, “A Tribe Called Sweat” – just a few of Y7’s catchy and clever slogans that have driven yogis from East to West into their hip(hop) studios. Y7 is Brooklyn born concept, but after such overwhelming success in New York they have since opened their fourth location, but this time in the heart of LA on Melrose Ave. The studio itself is clean, simple with hints of current cultural flare and aspects only those of a younger generation might find appealing. But coming from experience, I must say Y7 offers a unique type of class that any and every yogi would appreciate.

I left my first Y7 class this week feeling like, “that was how yoga is supposed to feel”. Nas and Lauren Hill aside, it was unlike any other 60 minute yoga experience I’ve had before. I’ve been consistently “practicing” for about 8 years now, in more recent years it’s become more of an ‘active recovery’ workout but nonetheless it’s remained a part of my life.  Y7 though, as they say, “does things a little differently”. All you’ll get at Y7 is the best of not-so-basic basics: an infrared heated, mirrorless, long candlelit room with beats to “flow” to. When it’s dark and there’s no mirror to judge yourself in front of, the experience becomes so much more of what the core of yoga seems to be all about; being present, moving meditation, and losing yourself in the moment. I sound like such a hippy, but the truth is the truth and Y7 is the real deal – complete with a sick playlist. Trust me, you might need to see for yourself!

Check out Y7’s studio and class schedule HERE.

YES they’re on Classpass.

NEW STUDENTS DEAL: $45 2 weeks unlimited / $99 monthly unlimited.

4 Responses to Y7. Where Hip Hop, Candlelight, and Yoga Collide.

  1. Kate says:

    Sounds fun. I tried yoga a couple of years back at a gym I went to. I felt so uncoordinated. I guess I need to give it another shot at a studio 🙂
    xo Kate
    ps I’m in LA too 🙂

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  3. Rosie says:

    I love Yoga and dancing! Thanks for sharing this. I want to attend to this session!

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