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Daytime Look: Patched Denim Skirt









I have been obsessing over patches on denim long before their recent arrival on runways, blogs, and magazine stands. It all started at Limited Too with flower and smiley face patches, then transformed into band patches on my jackets and backpacks in high school, and has now evolved into any ol’ cool looking patch on whatever kind of denim. If you live in LA you might be familiar with the ultimate purveyors of denim and vintage goods, Lot Stock & Barrel. (Disclaimer: My outfit has nothing to do with Lot Stock & Barrel besides of course inspiration.) LS&B is one of my favorite local brands/shops located Downtown and are known for their collections of incredible denim pieces, especially jackets, some of which they’ll put one or some of their hand-crafted patches on to make the piece even more one-of-a-kind. I have had my eye on one of these jackets for FOREVER now, but not quite being willing to save $400 for one item, I laid in wait hoping the “trend” would surface mainstream. Eventually the whole “funky patch” trend did surface and I was able to find this little number at Zara for just under $30, and even though it’s not a “custom-this-or-that-designer” piece it does the trick.

I realize we’re entering “Winter” here in the frozen tundra that is Los Angeles, but I’m a firm believer mini skirts can be worn year round – unless you actually do live in a frozen tundra of course. The denim skirt works with a long sleeve denim button up (trust me, I’ve tried it), it works with a pair of tights and boots, it works with a long pea-coat, and depending on the weather it of course works with a tank top and a leather jacket. I’ve went a little festive today with a high neck red tank, and love wearing this casual cool look around town to run errands and take in that LA life.

Special shoutout to my friends at COOLHAUS for making my day by walking across the street to bring me this ice cream sandwich?! I’ve always loved you but I must say I love you even more after that smooth move. If you haven’t had a Coolhaus ice cream sandwich GET TO IT! Their truck can be found all over town or you can visit their Culver City storefront on Washington Blvd!

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Denim Skirt: Zara “Denim Miniskirt”

Top: Three of Something 

Jacket: Members Only “Pebbled Vegan Leather Jacket” (on sale!!)

Boots: Donald J Pliner “Volt” 

Sunglasses: RAEN “Convoy” // via DITTO Endless Eyewear  – $24 a/mo for all the sunnies you want. Use my code “LOVEANDLOATHING” to try one month free!!

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