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Smudge Spot Silk + Monochrome Madness | Jigsaw London










According to the world of fashion, Summer is slowly but surely coming to an end. Sandals are going on sale (yes!), leather and cashmere are creeping back in to magazine covers and store fronts, and cooler color palates are being pushed to the forefront. The weather in Los Angeles may not dip below 75 degrees any time soon, but like the world of fashion I’m definitely ready for a style and season shift too.

I’ve always been a fan of monochrome and anything that lies within the grey scale when it comes to my personal fashion preferences and my recent discovery of Jigsaw London has only further fueled my obsession. Jigsaw is what I consider the slightly “edgier” version of J Crew, but better and still accessible to most age ranges. It’s rare you find a brand/store where you and your mom can both shop till you drop, but Jigsaw offers incredibly quality material with creative yet classic cuts that anyone between 18 and 80 can agree on. Their own love and appreciation for the grey scale and monochrome look makes Jigsaw a brand after my own heart, but what I ended up truly falling in love with at my recent visit to the store was this silk patterned top. I love pattern and prints when they’re used correctly, and the Jigsaw Fall collection pretty much nailed the look right on the head. I picked up a few items for when the weather finally decides to cool off, but in the mean time this silk number with a pair of leather shorts, a pencil skirt, or in this case faux leather pants make for a great ensemble as we transition in to Fall wear.

If you have not yet checked out Jigsaw might I suggest taking a trip to their store on Montana Ave in Santa Monica, or at least checking out the full collection on their site! Whether you’re looking for basics, staples, or something fun and unique like this silk blouse (which is the softest thing ever, by the way) Jigsaw probably has something your closet could use right now.


Photos | Tommy Garcia Photographer

Details | Top: Jigsaw London “Smudge Spot Silk Top” | Pants: Zara (old) | Shoes: Sam Edelman “Roselyn” | Sunnies: Le Specs “Halfmoon Magic

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