OMFG. Clover Juice Now Delivers. Everywhere.

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OMFG. Clover Juice Now Delivers. Everywhere.




Do you ever find yourself struggling with real life dilemmas like “_____ sounds so good right now but I can’t have it because they don’t deliver.”? If you’ve filled in the blank with “Clover Juice” your stress and sadness are simply no longer because as of yesterday, Clover DELIVERS. AND IT’S FREE (for local deliveries). But oh does it get better, Clover Juice won’t just be shipping/delivering juice locally, they’re shipping nationally. So now when I’m off on my next #BRBLA adventure I can have Gold n’ Greens and Coco Snow delivered directly to my whereabouts – even my non-Angelenos can finally get a piece of the pie and enjoy LA’s finest and favorite juices. It’s as simple as heading to and clicking on the “order online” tab. Whether you’re local or not you’ll have the option of selecting a one-time delivery option, or a variety of monthly subscription options. All juices are available and don’t forget you can order a cleanse too!

BUT WAIT. There’s more. Clover and I are channeling our inner Opras and would like to present you all with a 20% off discount code on your first online order! When you check out use the code “loveandclover20” and get your Clover Juice delivery on!




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