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Blue Plate Oysterette 3rd Street

Blue Plate Oysterette Oysters


The Scene.

Famed and fabulous 3rd Street is a little bit beachier these days with the recent debut of what is now the 2nd Blue Plate Oystertte location to open in Los Angeles. This East Coast vibey, cozy, casual, beachside-chic spot has been a seafood lovers favorite amongst the Westside dwellers like myself for years, so it was only a matter of time before BP expanded to bring the beach dreams further inland. And just like a perfect puzzle piece, Blue Plate manages to blend in flawlessly with the California-hip, approachable, and attractively relaxed energy that most of the other 3rd street tenants share.


Blue Plate Oysterette 3rd Street

Blue Plate Oysterette 3rd Street


The Oysterette is known for having a Cape-Cod meets Los Angeles appeal and whether you’re visiting for lunch, happy hour, dinner, or brunch the scene remains attractive and as cool as a cucumber. My favorite part in particular about the 3rd street location is their bar. I speak for myself, but between ample seating and comfortable stools, it’s just one of those bars you’d almost prefer to sit at over a table. From the bar you’ve also been awarded the best seat in the house to zone out while watching old surfing films being projected on the wall in line with your view. Blue Plate Oysterette is nailing the whole LA/beachy/cool/ambient thing.


Blue Plate Oysterette Sangria

Blue Plate Oysterette Scallops


The Skinny.

My latest visit to the 3rd location had purpose, and that was to investigate what appeared to be an excellent and enticing “holiday” happy hour – and what makes me happier than happy hour? Not much. So take it from a happy hour super fan when I say that Blue Plate’s current deal is far beyond your average hour of happy. Between 3-6 pm, Monday – Friday, from now until January 19, you can score $5-6 glasses of wine and sangria, $6-9 bites to eat (which includes their incredible lobster roll), aaaand… drum roll please… one, freakin’, dollar, oysters. I feel like they’re one of the only places around town that does only $1 oysters anymore (I find $1.50 more) and for that my wallet and I are very grateful.


Blue Plate Oysterette Lobster Roll

Blue Plate Oysterette Sundae


If you happen to stay past 6pm with a not quite satiated appetite, the dinner menu itself is quite large and closely adheres to a more classic take on seafood dishes. It’s definitely worth testing and tasting a few things to share, there are far too many delicious items not to. I highly recommend you try the lobster mac n’ cheese, need I explain why, and if you’ve save room for dessert, which don’t be ridiclous, of course you will, you must get the key lime pie. And the sundae. Lobster roll(s), ceviche, oysters, lobster, lobster mac n’ cheese, key lime pie, and a sundae… yep that should do it. Save the other half of the menu for your next visit.

*After the 19th, happy hour will still offer $1 oysters, $6 glasses of house wine, and $5 draft beers Monday – Friday from 4-6 pm, it will just be “oyster hour” instead.*


Blue Plate Oysterette Lobster Mac n Cheese

Blue Plate Oysterette Key Lime Pie


Blue Plate Oysterette

WeHo: 8048 W 3RD ST, LOS ANGELES, CA 90048

Blue Plate

Santa Monica: 1415 MONTANA AVE, SANTA MONICA, CA 90403


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