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Top 5 Favorites of 2014 In LA | Random Discoveries



LA is said to be a place where creativity and crazy intersect, and if you’re in the midst of the madness it can be difficult to take a step back and identify what seems normal to the rest of the world and what might be totally random and potentially out of the ordinary. We find Los Angeles staples like the Jurassic Museum of Technology, padleboard yoga, the Time Travel Mart, and drum circles for example, well, normal? With every new year that I continue to live in Los Angeles the more and more weird rarities and “only in LA” gems I uncover, and as far as 2014 is concerned it was business as usual. From dinner parties, pop-ups, cool “LA only” apps, niche-y gatherings to the most obscure activities you’ve ever heard of, here are my top 5 favorite random discoveries of 2014:




1. Saucey: The Alcohol Delivery App


“It’s the 21st century my friend – you should have someone that brings you alcohol” says the Saucey App team, and you know what… they’re right. And it’s as simple as downloading the free app, picking your poison, and waiting 20-40 minutes for your libation delivery. But oh does it get better, should you pick the right day at the right time, the Saucey team has been known to add a special bonus to deliveries like a Frank Senatra impersonator who’s just there to sing you a tune (just because it happened to be the late singer’s 99th birthday of course). Right now for the holidays you can even gift your best drinking buddies with a delivery, and what a lovely surprise gift that would be if I do say so myself. []



2. Daybreaker: Rise and Rave Dance Party


The alcohol free/ hangover free dance party that starts at sunrise has become (excuse the pun) all the rave this year in the City of Angels. Your morning could start with the simple things like coffee and emails, or it could start at 6am with a sweaty energetic dance party? Seems a bit aggressive, sure, but it’s one of those random activities that is sure to be unforgettable – to say the least. If you’re on that whole YOLO train, a Daybreak dance party is one item to write and check off your bucket list. [sign up to “stay in the loop” here]



3. Blacklist LA: “The Art Of Running For the Love of Los Angeles”


Once a week, every week, at 10pm, anywhere from 50-100 night jogger junkies show up at a new location to run the streets of Los Angeles by the light of the moon. And street lamps. And signs. And such. The run is usually about 4 miles long and despite the fact that this is quite the late evening weekday activity, what makes this discovery truly special is the core goal to share and show runners a variety of incredible street art pieces that can be found all over town. When you follow the BlacklistLA Instagram account, you’ll discover that it is proper protocol to take a group picture in front of the milestone piece for that meetings run (so if you needed a guide to street art, this might be a good place to look). Never has running, sounded like such a fun *and informative* adventure?



4. 5 Every Day App: 5 Things To Do In LA, Everyday


This here is my go-to “I can’t make up my mind about what I want to do today / what’s going on around town later” app with 5 consistently awesome activities and suggestions to participate in. With 1 suggestion per category (per day): art, city, food, music, wildcard – there’s always something going on for everyone, a lot of which is usually free! Insider but not-so-insider secret: the app was actually developed in part by the band Yacht. True story. Stay in the know and have the rare and fortunate gift of having your mind made up for you; download 5 Every Day. []



5. Kitchensurfing LA


Have you ever said to yourself, “gee, I wish I had a personal chef I could afford. Even if just for one night.”? Well if you live in Berlin, Boston, Chicago, Hamptons, New York, Seattle, Washington DC, or here in LA you’re in luck! Kitchensurfing is the only company of its kind and size, offering more than just a helping hand in the kitchen and a restaurant quality prepared meal. On their website you have many options as far as entertaining and dining preferences are concerned; you want a cocktail party? Kitchensurfing has just the person. You want a holiday dinner spectacular? Kitchensurfing has the database to help find you the right chef. You want a gluten free, vegan, macaroni and cheese night? Sounds like they got that covered too. For just $50 per person you get the help and pre fix menu prepared by a talented local chef, fresh ingredients, the clean up, and gratuity. Kitchensurfing is one of those companies in LA that makes me think “I can’t believe this exists but I’m so happy that it does”. []

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