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KFiSH mural - Justice Urban Tavern

Unpretentious, welcoming, friendly… these are some qualities we all hope a restaurant will exhibit upon dining, but being that we aren’t exactly in small town Kansas where the kindness flows freely, these qualities aren’t always an LA restaurant’s best attribute. Justice Urban Tavern located Downtown may just surprise you though, yes even with the word “urban taverns” in the title, don’t let that fool you into thinking they’re too hip to be happy to have you. Justice Urban “LA” Tavern (as I shall fondly refer to them as) offer updated tavern classics like burgers, SCHNITZEL (for the record), beers and wine on tap, and you-name-it fried foods/cheat day goodies galore, but this is one tavern that is very proud to be where they are and more than happy to serve their comfort seeking neighbors and customers.

Justice Urban Tavern DTLA

Justice Urban Tavern

The Justice Urban Tavern setting isn’t quite what you’d imagine a “tavern” to look like inside; there’s no abundance of dark wood, it’s a well-lit relatively large space, but if you were to think about what exactly an “urban” (LA) tavern would be like, then I’d imagine Justice makes perfect sense in that way. Amongst the minimal space with its modern touches your eyes will be immediately drawn to the cohesive and colorful art that lines the walls, all done by one of LA’s very own local artists KFiSH. All of the pieces host some sort of “California” or “LA” theme, but nothing will awe you quite like the mural of the Downtown LA city scape that is displayed above the high ceiling dining room.

Mushroom Flatbread - Justice Urban Tavern DTLA

Deviled Eggs - Justice Urban Tavern DTLA

Chicken Schnitzel - Justice Urban Tavern

I love that Justice Urban Tavern love LA as much as I do, but admittedly my affection will always best be won by placing incredibly delicious food and wine right in front of my face. I won’t go into detail about exactly what was ordered as the word count could probably be enough for a whole other post, but the thing to note here is how incredibly (and I must say surprisingly) delicious the meal was as a whole. You think tavern you expect “good-enough” because almost everything that’s fried and comforting is tasty but Justice Urban Tavern takes “tavern food” to the next level. Every dish is simple and true to form, but executed perfectly. Out of the 5 starters, 2 main courses, 2 sides, and 3 desserts we ordered, not one single plate disappointed.

The Barrister Burger - Justice Urban Tavern

Doubled Fried Fries - Justice Urban Tavern DTLA

Desserts - Justice Urban Tavern

They may be located in the heart of a tough crowd town, they may use words we Angelenos love (but the rest of the world rolls their eyes at) like “organic” and “California grown / farm fresh ingredients”, but Justice Urban “LA” Tavern has not lost sight on what it means to be a tavern, especially one in LA.

KFiSH piece at Justice Urban Tavern

Justice Urban Tavern

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