Santa Monica Pier Twilight Concert Series | Every Thursday | Only 4 More Left!

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 1.46.46 PM

Tonight, I will finally experience my first Santa Monica Pier Twilight concert. I have a big enough gang and enough money in my wallet to even afford an Uber ride so life is GREAT. We all know what he parking situation looks like near the beach cities during the summer… abysmal. None the less I’m completely enthused to finally make it to one of the shows, it’s going to be a gorgeous evening and if you feel at all inclined to attend the show starts at 7 and goes until 10. I haven’t even mentioned the best part yet… it’s FREE! Yes, free-ninety-nine my friends, doesn’t get better than that. Get out there, do something crazy, and enjoy the last of these awesome summer concerts!

More info about concert series HERE

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