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Father's Office - Culver City

Father’s Office happens to be a local legend in LA, if you even so much as whisper the word “burger” someone somewhere is either thinking or verbalizing “Father’s Office”. It’s weird actually. Everyone from LA’s top foodie bloggers, publications, and local fans have something to say about this place, and there’s gotta be a reason right? Eater LA doesn’t keep adding them to practically every single one of their “LA Essential Restaurants” lists that come out every few months for no good reason, right? Case in point, it was time I investigate.

Father's Office - Culver City

Shame alert: before this weekend I’d never actually been to Fathers Office…. I know… I KNOW! How could I call myself an Angeleno let alone a Culver Citizen? Culverian? … a Culver City resident and not yet paid a visit to Father’s Office in all those years of living here? The answer is I don’t know, and my deepest apologies to those I’ve offended, but the good news is this right here, right now, is your no-bullshit guide and response to one of LA’s most beloved establishments. But really, even never having been I knew why I was going and what exactly I’d be ordering. The infamous, critically acclaimed, and much touted… “Office Burger”.

Father's Office - Culver City

The first thing you may notice about visiting Father’s Office in Culver City is not necessarily Father’s Office itself, prepare yourself to experience one of the rarest sensations you may ever encounter while dining out in LA because you’re about to park for free. PARK. FOR FREE. You’re already in a good mood and good because it’s about to get better – find yourself at the Father’s Office door to find ample seating indoors and outdoors – choose outside and dine amongst a picturesque backdrop of the grandiose Helms District with its impressive architecture and neon sign lights flickering around you.

Once you’ve seated yourself, you may find that you’re taking a gander at the smallest menu, maybe ever, but that’s ok! You’re honestly there for one thing and one thing only – the burger. And some fries, sweet potato or regular – don’t be stupid and drop those from your order. The beer (and wine) list is a much lengthier menu; this is definitely a gastropub who loves their beer selection so by all means let the bar staff help you choose because these are truly knowledgeable beer fans ready to pour whatever may fit your fancy.

The Office Burger - Father's Office

“That all sounds lovely but really, what was the burger like?” – The best word to describe it is: interesting. Because it really is unlike any burger I’ve ever had. But truth be told I have to say, it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I was expecting this cheesy, soft bun, round patty, no greens, gooey lookin’ thing and what it was, was more like a burger sandwich. It’s a simple perfectly cooked thick patty with caramelized onions, arugula, a hint of blue cheese, Gruyère, and applewood bacon, all sandwiched in-between… a french roll. Don’t get me wrong it was delicious, I can see why people go ape-shit over this thing but for me, there was actually another star of the meal, a whole other reason to come back for this one specific thing, and that was the Father’s Office sweet potato fries. Office Burger super fans please don’t kill me! 

I was incredibly impressed with everything about Father’s Office, from food, service, to ambiance I can see why chef Sang Yoon and his team have made quite the business and buzz for themselves here in LA. My boyfriend – my date that evening – especially agreed with me and mentioned something I didn’t realize but find incredibly accurate, he said, “the best thing about this place is that this place has an awesome vibe. Look at how much fun everyone seems to be having.” And he was right? They we’re all drunk in love with this perfectly happy hideaway, possibly literally getting drunk, and possibly satisfying their burger and fry cravings like myself. At this point in time I have officially uncovered evidence, proof, and a greater understanding as to why our community shares so many praises for the landmark and local legend that is Father’s office.  – case, closed.

Father's Office - Culver City

Chorrizo Bites - Father's Office

Sweet Potato Fries - Father's Office

Father's Office - Culver City


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