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This past Saturday I had the pleasure and fortune of attending (and gaining 10 lbs) at this years Tacolandia event presented by the taco lovers themselves, LA Weekly. This is their 5th year of hosting this event and it was bigger and better than I’d ever imagined; the back drop and location provided at DTLA’s “El Pueblo De Los Angeles” was taco-eating perfection. As excepted there were so many tacos, and other things that go nicely with tacos, in my general vicinity I hardly knew what to do with myself besides cry tears of joy and eat until I needed a wheelchair. FOUR-TY vendors were in attendance and I’m sorry to report that there were no bad tacos. Yes. That makes me sorry because that meant I ate what felt like almost 40 freakin tacos, and I shamefully enjoyed it.

Unfortunately I was unable to try a few hot items due to the popularity of certain dishes/vendors, in other words quite a few vendors were “sold out” towards the end of the event, but with some of LA’s taco royalty in attendance like Guerrilla Tacos, Petty Cash, and many more, it came as no surprise I shoulda been there earlier. From what I was able to enjoy, the stars were most certainly Coni’Seafood’s marlin (I know) and cheese taco, Almond Kultures INSANE horchata, Mariscos Jalisco’s shrimp taco, and Loteria’s dessert taco. Like I said though, there was absolutely nothing I ate, that I didn’t enjoy or devour completely; huge round of applause for LA Weekly and all the vendors hard work.

This year’s Tacolandia was pure perfection, make sure to look out for it next year taco people and be sure to get your tickets early because as always, it sells out! Only sheer bliss and complete and utter happiness comes from that many tacos in one place, but as we wait for next years Tacolandia, I vote you get to working on your own taco adventure around town starting with a few of the vendors from this years event. Here’s the list curated by “the World’s First Tacorazzo”, Bill Esparza:

AmecaAmor Y TacosAqui es TexcocoBistro LQCielito LindoC-V-CheCarnitas El MomoChichen ItzaChef Katsuji TanabeChef Timothy HollingsworthColonia Taco LoungeConi’SeafoodCorazón y Miel Don ChenteEggSlut LAEl PescaditoFIGFinca Altozano by Chef Javier PlascenciaFlor Del RioGeorge’s At The CoveGish Bac Restaurante OaxaqueñoGuerrilla TacosJeffrey Saad’s La VenturaLa Flor de Yucatan  / La Guerrerense of EnsenadaLa Monarca BakeryLas 7 Regiones de OaxacaLoteria GrillMariscos JaliscoMexicali Taco & Co.MexicanoPetty Cash Pez Cantina / PiccaRevolutionario LA Food Rincon OaxaquenoRocio’s Mole De Los DiosesSoHo TacoSol Cocina Taco MariaTacos Kokopelli of TijuanaTacos LeoTamales Elena

Tacolandia 2014

Tacolandia 2014

Tacolandia 2014

Ceilito Lindo Taquito Tacolandia 2014

La Monarcha Bakery Tacolandia 2014 Jarritos Tacolandia 2014

Almond Kulture Tacolandia 2014

Almond Kulture Horchata Tacolandia 2014

Coni'Seafood Tacolandia 2014

Tacolandia 2014


Mariscos Jalisco & Margarita Tacolandia 2014

Mariscos Jalisco Tacolandia 2014

Tacolandia 2014

Tacolandia 2014

Eggslut Tacolandia 2014


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