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Summer in LA = outdoor movie screenings. We Angelenos love our movies, we love our food, and we love our outdoor activities and I’m preeeetty sure no one understands that better than Eat See Hear. Up until this past weekend I have to admit I’d kind of taken this whole outdoor movie screening thing for granted, it was just one of those awesome activities I knew would always be there so I just kept putting off finally attending one then (last year for example) before I knew it, the weather cooled and I’d missed my opportunity. I finally made the damn plan last weekend to see Notting Hill at the Santa Monica High School, a free screening mind you (thanks to Air New Zealand!), and from what I gathered that night I’ve been COMPLETELY missing out. That had to be one of the most enjoyable nights out in LA I think I’ve ever had? The food truck variety was awesome (and plentiful), the seating was comfortable (as it’s in a Greek style amphitheater), there were a lot of attendees but it never felt over crowded (which is huge for me, I hate lines and I hate when people sit too close to me!), and the quality of the sound and of the film were impressive.

I got into the whole London spirit by dining with The Fry Girl and enjoying their classic fish n chips, and stuck to my sweet tooth roots by finishing the meal off with god’s gift to sugar addicts: Coolhaus. There’s a teeny tiny part of me that selfishly wishes Air New Zealand would take part in every Eat See Hear screening because two very lucky attendees won round trip tickets to fly to London Town on their awesome airline in their awesome seats and I was not one of them… so depressed, but none the less, how cool is that!¬†Fortunately, Eat See Hear still has your back and is offering plenty more screenings to attend, for very fair prices. I know nothing is better than free but $12 is still cheaper than the actual movies and you’ll be outdoors and there will be guaranteed better food.

I’m so grateful for companies like Eat See Hear making a concerted effort to make LA cool by providing events only LA could host (and host well). Movies will be screening until September so you have no excuse not to go to at least one – me personally, I’ve already planned my next 3 (maybe more) visits and I can’t freakin wait. Bring your blankies, bring your PUP, bring your friends, and enjoy a night you’ll never forget under the stars (just pretend like you can see them) with Eat See Hear.

For more info, FAQs, and schedules head over to eatseehear.com

Eat See Hear | The Fry Girl

Eat See Hear | The Fry Girl

Eat See Hear | BBQ Food Truck

Eat See Hear | Food Trucks

Eat See Hear | Coolhaus Truck

Eat See Hear | Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich

Eat See Hear | SM High School

Eat See Hear | SM High School

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