Tales From the LA Underground | Corey’s Story

photo via ibtimes.com

photo via ibtimes.com

Name: Corey

Occupation: Marketing Manager

Location: Newport Beach, CA

Favorite LA Spot: Mom’s Bar

Most Memorable LA Moment: It was Halloween and I had just gotten off work at the Beverly Hills Hotel. I was in a pretty good mood because Emma Stone came in for lunch with her boyfriend and while she was waiting for her car, she was telling me about the origins of the turkey burger. That was cool.

I was meeting up with friends at this party so we could go to this “halloween parade” in Hollywood. We were going as characters of Aladdin, and I was Abu, the monkey. I didn’t have an official costume so I threw some stuff together last minute- half of a red solo cup as a hat, an old shirt that some fashion designer at the party cut into a tiny vest, and some stockings stuffed with paper towels as a tail. I was pretty convincing.

Anyway, while at the party I was only wearing the vest with no shirt, because Abu doesn’t wear a shirt under his vest does he? I had to be super authentic in the pictures. I was going to put on a long sleeve shirt when we went out later, but one drink led to another, and I left the party only wearing my tiny little vest. Whatever. No big deal. It’s California and it wasn’t very cold.

So a big group of us walked down to Hollywood, and I come to find out that it’s a gay parade. That’s cool, I don’t have a problem with that. However, within 10 minutes of arriving, I get completely separated from my group with nothing but a tiny vest on, and a dead cell phone. I knew the name of the bar they were going to (turns out I didn’t), so I began walking aimlessly alone through this gay parade looking for the bar. I was walking around for a good 45 minutes asking around if anyone knew where this bar was, only to find out I had the name COMPLETELY wrong. Also, whenever I would ask a guy where the bar was, the guy would think I was hitting on him, and ask for my number. I also began to lose track of how many times my ass was grabbed. I’d say about 40 times.

It was at this point I decided to walk back in the direction of my buddy’s house. Little did I know it was about a 4 mile walk and took me a couple hours because I actually had no idea where it was and may or may not have taken a huge detour. Eventually I made it, rang the wrong door bell and woke his crazy neighbor, and fell asleep on his doorstep because no one was home. My buddy came back a little early, and we decided to change out of our Aladdin costumes and go grab a beer down the road. It was an interesting night to say the least. Happy Halloween, LA.

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