The Best Kind of Salt | Seasalt, Santa Monica & Downtown (NOW OPEN)

You know how you feel like you can go to Chipotle… any time… any day… because it’s just the most delicious, simple, quick n’ dirty, best bang for your buck? Well, Seasalt in Santa Monica and now Downtown is exactly like that in those respects, it’s just the killer, “only in LA”, seafood centric version. I’m not sure I have to sell you much more after “the seafood version of Chipotle” but lemme knowledge you a little bit more about this special little spot.

The whole premise to Seasalt and a huge reason behind their success is because they offer incredible, fresh, locally sourced seafood, for fair prices, with zero sense of a showy attitude. At Seasalt everyone can have awesome seafood; it’s casual, humble, and simple – come as you are, get in, get full, get out. I had the pleasure of visiting their brand new Downtown location this weekend for their soft opening and was given the most glorious opportunity to try pretty much anything and everything they offer on the menu. Across the board each item was perfection – nothing tasted “fishy”, overcooked, over fried, greasy, under seasoned, or over seasoned. With the success of their Santa Monica location you could tell these guys knew wtf they were doing, and gosh darn it are they doing it well.

The menu standouts were the Hawaiian Poke (awesome light appetizer), the fish tacos (duh), the fish n’ chips (standard situation), and oddly enough their hot dog they call “The Loco Dog”, but the bright and shiny metallic gold star was most definitely the “Surf N Turf” sandwich. Holy. Hell. It tasted how a Filet-O-Fish is supposed to taste (you know with real fresh fish and such) but with a KINGS HAWAIIAN FRIGGIN BUN, and BACON. It’s one of those items you could satisfyingly eat everyday with no qualms what so ever. They offer quite a bit of lighter fair options as well such as grilled catches with veggies and salads – see you really can eat here everyday.

The Seasalt experience means no stress, no reservations, no jacked up prices, great quality, and some of the best service in town. These are good people with a great little business worth paying a visit to and supporting their approach to dining which they have dubbed “The Oceans Alternative To Fast Food”. Like Chipotle, what’s not to love about simple healthy, quality deliciousness?

Seasalt Los Angeles

Seasalt Los Angeles

Seasalt Los Angeles Seasalt Los Angeles

Seasalt Los Angeles

Seasalt Los Angeles




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