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I’ve been been blessed with whatever genetics produce long lashes and for most of my make up wearing life I had the fortunate capability of being able to walk out of the house wearing just primer and mascara and look like I’d sat there for a minute, curling my lashes to perky perfection. Well. Those we’re the freakin days apparently. As I’ve gotten older, yes old can even be the tender age of 25, my eyelashes have lost their natural curl and have started growing much straighter. So now I do sit there, heat up my eyelash curler 100 times over with my hairdryer, and work on getting my eyelashes flawlessly “pumped up”. Don’t get me wrong, once I get there my eyelashes look awesome, but truth be told it’s become quite the (annoying) process.

There’s decidedly nothing worse than having boring eyelashes – take my concealer, take my blush, but off with your head if dare take my lash curler and mascara. Luckily everyone’s heads are safe now because as it turns out there’s a cure for my eyelash issue and my gal pal Madison DeClercq of Beautifully Mad holds the treatment. Beautifully Mad is a full service one stop beauty shop – she does facials, she does makeup, she does eyebrows, and she does eyelashes. Besides her wildly popular service, eyelash extensions, she does eyelash LIFTS – aka eyelash perms, aka god send service for us eyelash challenged girls who aren’t ready to commit to extensions.

With the help of some chemicals and Madie the lash genius, the time it takes to put my face on has been cut in half.

I keep thinking I’m going to wake up and they won’t be curled anymore but sure enough, all my lashes are like, “hey! still here! still up!”, and amazingly enough, they’ll be this way for another 4-6 weeks.

As mentioned, the service most of Madie’s customers see her for is eyelash extensions. I know, kinda crazy, but when Madie is finished attaching a lash on to every single lash you have, the transformation is insane – dramatic yet natural. Because I always thought I had long lashes, I figured starting with a lift would be the easiest and cheapest way to get the look I want. But. After seeing some ‘before and after’s of a few of her clients I get it and I’m jumping on the band wagon in a few weeks once I’ve experienced my lash perm all the way from “woah” to tame. Regardless of which service you decide to go with, your eyelashes will look incredible.

There’s an abundance of beauty, lash, and makeup estheticians in this city, I get it, but Madie of Beautifully Mad really is the chick to see – for one, her “shop” is fucking adorable and in a central location, she’s been doing this for years, her prices are totally fair, and if you’ve gotta sit there for a while you might as well sit with someone who’s fun to talk to, and trust me you’ll wanna be her best friend by the end of your appointment.


Awkward pictures below feature my freshly permed lashes; I’ve discovered it’s incredibly difficult to take nice/cute/informational pictures of your eyelashes without kind of looking like an idiot, sooo, there’s that. BUT. There are also some ‘before and after’ pics I’ve taken from Madie’s Instagram of her amazing eyelash extensions to balance my awkwardness out.

 Beautifully Mad





Beautifully Mad Lash Extensions

Beautifully Mad Lash Extensions

Beautifully Mad Lash Extensions

Beautifully Mad Lash Extensions

Check out her site for location, pricing, FAQ’s, and services –

Follow Madie on Instagram @Madie892 for more lash pics and added bonus shots of her adorable Frenchie, Milo.


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