Take Me Out to The Wurstküche, Take Me Out With the Crowd… | Wurstküche, Downtown and Venice

“…buy me some french fries and saaauussage links, I will care if I never get back, let me root, root, root, for the Wuuurrrstküche, if they don’t drink it’s a shame! For it’s one! two! three steins your drunk at the old beer gaaame!”

That was fun. Anyway….

It’s SPRINGTIIIME baby, and with Spring in LA comes plans to head to the beach (even though you won’t go), gallivanting around in shorts and sandals, and most importantly… Dodger baseball, beer, and links. When you think of “beer and links” in the LA vicinity there’s a good chance that you immediately associate that with one of two things: The Dodgers or Wurstküche. Or maybe that’s just me, but LA knows how to dish this perfect pairing all too well and Dodger Stadium and Wurstküche are some original gangsters and fan favorites of the ‘link-in-a-bun / tall glass of cold beer’ community. For Dodger Stadium the Dodger Dog is a nostalgic baseball fan staple; we love those simple and classic little dogs and accept them exactly how they are and how they have been for years. But, baseball isn’t a year around sport, even though it may feel like it, nor is it an everyday thing, so when the rest of Los Angeles is craving a sausage, some buns, and a beer they head to one of our city’s biggest pride and joy’s… Wurstküche.

Ask just about anyone in LA about Wurstküche and you will find that most of the residents in this town have at least heard of it if not already made at least one visit to their Downtown or Venice location. When I was living in Orange County 4 years ago Wurstküche was a thing of legend amongst my hip adventurous peers; I had friends at school who would drive all the way to Downtown LA just to order a Rattlesnake and Rabbit sausage and a beer. At that point that’s all I knew about this hot spot: Wurstküche had weird ass sausages, tons of German and Belgian beer served in their proper brewery’s glass, and people went ape shit over all of it. Of course it was something I had to see for myself, especially already being a fan of places like Red Lion Tavern and Wirsthaus, it was imperative I gauge how this LA hip bierhall stood in comparison.

The hype, the obsession, the buzz about Wurstküche was completely understood the day I went to the Venice location for lunch. I was in awe of the unexpectedly fucking awesome “warehouse chic” space, the friendliness of the staff who were not the least bit bothered by our rookie-like confusion on where we were supposed to enter and what we were supposed to order, the cafeteria/bierhall style seating, and most importantly the quality and deliciousity of the food that was served. To this day I still believe Wurstküche makes the best french fries on the face of the planet… yes, even better than McDonalds (and don’t you groan at me you know they’re god damn delicious). But as far as Wurstküche fries are concerned, all you need to know is white…truffle…glaze. Thank me later on that decision, but what makes Wurstküche that much more unique is of course their famous sausages served on freshly baked rolls. The rest of Los Angeles has really gotten behind their exotic sausages like the Rattlesnake and Rabbit (as mentioned) or the duck and bacon with jalapeno peppers – I admittedly have yet to give any of these a go as I’m still working my way through trying the more classic or gourmet links, but I realize I must have one… and I must have one soon.

Wurstküche takes pride in their ability to serve quality, homemade products and just the same Los Angeles takes pride in having this exemplary modern bierhall call it home. Wurstküche is the perfect spot to feed your springtime beer and sausage craving, that late night hunger pang, your curiosity for something new and exotic, and any and all of your Belgian or German beer needs. There’s a reason for the Küche cult following, and why it manages to make it every year on some “Top LA Restaurants” write-up – we will never tire of Wurstküche’s unique and tasty renditions of one of mankind’s favorite pairings: meat in bread and beer.

Love & Loathing LA: Wurstkuche Menu

Love & Loathing LA: Wurstkuche

Love & Loathing LA: Wurstkuche

Love & Loathing LA: Wurstkuche Sausages

Love & Loathing LA: Wurstkuche Fries

Love & Loathing LA: Wurstkuche Beer

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