Porter & Plot Wine Adventure At the Petit Ermitage

The magic words: “there will be wine”. The added bonus words: “and you’re going on a wine tasting adventure. Wine passport included.” Last night I had the pleasure of tasting global wine makers Porter & Plot’s Rose, Pinot Grigio, Red Blend, and Pinot Noir at the positively gad damn j’adorable Petit Ermitage hotel. This was certainly not your average wine tasting situation, Porter & Plot set up a whole new fun and unique way to truly taste and experience wine. There was not a single “this wine tastes like wine” muttered the whole night; we smelled, we touched, and we mindfully tasted. Porter & Plot has a very unique way they develop and choose which wines to create: depending on what they want to make, they choose the best “plots” therein – they do not limit themselves to growing in just one region, the grow in several all over the world. Now THAT is awesome… it says a thing or two about their taste I must say. I personally enjoyed their Pinot Noir quite a bit – they grow these grapes in the Central Coast/ Paso Robles area and this particular Pinot is insanely affordable for how good it tastes. True story… this morning I officially signed up on to make some Porter & Plot purchases – check out the site to snag some of the wines ($13!!! Or you can do 3 wines a month for $39, obvious choice. And I don’t know what it is, but Club W chooses wines with great labels… which is key.) Happy wine Wednesday!!!!

Porter & Plot wine tasting at Petit Ermitage

Porter & Plot wine tasting at Petit Ermitage

Porter & Plot wine tasting at Petit Ermitage

Porter & Plot wine tasting at Petit Ermitage



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