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I had a commute for two years driving up La Brea from Venice Blvd to Hollywood Blvd, and I vividly remember the time (exactly one year ago) when a “Clover” awning and storefront popped up next to Moksha, the (crazy popular) hot yoga studio. I remember this well because I was actually in the middle of taking a graphic design class at Otis and one of my projects was to create a logo and branding design for a fictitious company from a randomly drawn word, and oddly enough I was given the word ‘clover‘ – I ended up making this business “Clover” a “floral design shop” but I remember passing by the real Clover and thinking “dammit, why the f*ck didn’t I think of that?! Clover Juices? …Duh?” So, maybe their logo was the first thing that caught my attention, but the fact that they were a juice joint also happened to be a pretty good reason to check it out.

Well, almost a year after their opening and my initial discovery, I finally made it over to Clover. And I have something to say.  …I am SO mad at myself for not having gone in earlier because I have seriously been missing out. Literally smacking my forehead as I’m typing. Last week I finally decided it was time to give Clover’s juices a shot so I had a few delivered to my house – frankly after eating and drinking my bodyweight in delectables in NYC it was also time to take a massive freakin chill pill and get myself back on track, and what better way to do that than with juice right? Right. So I tried their green one, “The Clover”, a very beet-y one (yumm) called “Go Big”, a lighter green one called “Gold n’ Greens”, and their brand spankin’ new refreshingly hot pink colored “Glow”. After enjoying each juice over a long but short two-day period, I’m pleased to confidently announce that they were all positively delicious – they were refreshing and balanced in flavor with the right amount of “this is tasty” mixed with “this tastes like straight up vegetables and healthy shit“. I also truly appreciated the fact that the ingredients in each bottle we’re different that the ingredients in similar mixtures found at their juice soul sister spots like Kreation and Pressed – Clover likes to throw random things in like mint and lime and I thought that was pretty neat! I kind of had a “phew ok, see Caroline, this is totally different from other juices you’ve had” moment. So that was it? But it wasn’t it, I wasn’t satisfied with just being satisfied with the Clover juices. Yes partially because I wanted more juice, but more partially because I wanted to see how the Clover gears turned and worked, so I finally made the executive decision to get up in Clover’s “perfectly pure” business.

I conveniently made a visit to the La Brea location on their ‘one year anniversary’ of being open while they we’re offering a celebration deal of “buy two juices get one free”. I am actually so glad I made it in when I did because I had the pleasure of hanging out (and chatting up a storm) with owner Cassandra. First of all, I found my spirit animal, and she’s a freakin fabulous foodie, workout junkie, dog mother, and wine lover, she just owns and runs a juice shop instead of writing for a blog about Los Angeles. But besides freaking out about our strange parallel existences, Cassandra helped me gain a whole new perspective and respect for the Clover business that I am beyond thrilled to share with the community as well. I love that her “girls” that work in the shop are always working on new recipes with her, trying new versions of some of their popular shakes – and they appear to genuinely be having a great time doing it. I learned that EVERYTHING. they sell at Clover that isn’t juice is made locally by one of Cassandra’s many friends – it became like a game, I’d walk over to an item and say, “what’s this?” and her answer was always, “oh my friend/regular customer/best friend was really into making ____ and it’s amazing, so now we sell it here!” Clover really embraces the fact that they have a limited selection of other items for purchase but they love that they can build it slowly and provide a space for other locals with great products to share with the community. I personally picked up the insanely scrumptious vegan peanut butter, pretzel, chocolate chip cookies Cassandra’s friend makes and some yummy and healthy Maca-Trim powder you toss into a water bottle (perfect post yoga sesh beverage). Of course there was so much more there worth picking up, but I decided to save trying more new items for my next visit(s).

The whole experience at Clover was simply and undeniably inspiring. One of the coolest most inspiring things Cassandra said was that she’s happy to see so many juice shops opening up because they’re all just trying to create what she called “juice awareness”; wherever she is she always picks up a juice from somewhere because she loves juice. Simple as that. The positive energy that is buzzing inside Clover is almost tangible, everyone who walked in there knew each other, they knew the girls working, and they all seemed to be in very high spirits; I couldn’t help thinking I need to hang out here more often so I can join this happy, juice, yoga club? Clover creates a very community driven environment because it’s a very community driven company who is dedicated to making quality products. The whole idea behind Clover as explained to me by Cassandra, was to create a non intimidating, unpretentious and inviting local little juice shop where “health concerns” are important but not necessarily the driving force; at Clover you can have your coffee, really good coffee, have your juice, throw in some Clover homemade peanut butter/almond butter if you want it, heck have a cookie, and don’t feel weird about any of it! That’s a great perspective to have on eating well and living a healthy life: work with as much quality ingredients as possible, and enjoy everything in moderation. I love everything about Clover, from product to personnel, it’s an inspiring company living the Los Angeles dream and serving our community well. Really what’s not to love?

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Clover Juices Local Products

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