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We’re in the middle of what Andy Williams and others may consider to be “the most wonderful time of the year” when the weather is ever so slightly crisp, lights everywhere are twinkling and glowing through the haze, and there is an overwhelming desire to cozy up, skip workouts, and be merry. I have a special place in my heart for December, it’s not only my birthday month but I’m a total sucker for anything and everything sparkly and festive. As you may imagine, being born on Christmas Eve kind of fucks up all plans of ever trying to have a birthday party with your friends, always has for me (always will letsbehonest), but none the less it’s been a tradition of mine to plan a fun holiday outing slash birthday party of sorts by visiting a bar/restaurant in LA that makes it a point to decorate and give Angelenos the hope that Christmas really is around here somewhere. On my journey of exploration for such places I discovered Perch, and over the years it has remained at the top of my ‘festive LA favorites’ list. In one simple word Perch is, particularly during December, purely magical.

The enchantment begins the minute you walk through the majestic grand building’s front door into the small lobby to discover you have already begun to experience a glimpse into another time. By the elevators, a host is there with a list to direct you to where you need to go, and upon entry into the worlds smallest elevator a cozy tiled lift, you are taken up to the 15th floor where you step out feeling like Carrie Mulligan (Or Leo, depending on your gender) shooting a scene for The Great Gatsby Part Deux. Twinkling dim lighting, intricately tiled floors, rich vintage furniture, high ceilings, a grand bar, and an incredible view of the city below… you’re immersed in this French Bistro’s, art deco inspired ambiance that is undeniably stunning.

You have many options at Perch in terms of choosing your post; inside you are welcome to enjoy seating at the first come first serve vintage inspired bar, should you rather enjoy the outdoors and view of the Downtown city scape there is a patio with fire pits and seating for your pleasure. If you’ve come in to enjoy more than just one of their formidable cocktails and stay for dinner, there are plenty of indoor tables inside their grand Victorian-eqsue great room, or you once again have the option of sitting outside on their dining patio. One thing to note however, during the chillier months they are forced to put up a tent around the patio to keep in the warmth so the view of the city is a bit obstructed (views are just a smidge fuzzy through the clear plastic enclosure).

Admittedly, I don’t necessarily go to Perch for the food. Despite the fact that I love French food, its always a special occasion cuisine as it can quickly burn a hole in my unfortunately small wallet. However, in the case of a special occasion like my birthday, the food (and dessert, duh) at Perch is superb and undoubtably worth coming back for. Perch is the ideal spot for an after work drink, it’s great for a romantic date, and it’s one of Los Angeles’s most exceptional places to impress out-of-towners. One thing about this place is that it is undeniably special. Maybe it has something to do with how sentimental I get in December… I’m one year older, and the world is about to turn a year older as well… but upon every visit, Perch is where I seem to discover a whole new sense of pride and appreciation for my city. The magic at Perch is in the warmth, the “in another time” experience, the romance, and the unparalleled views of Los Angeles; as if it we’re as big and bustling as New York City. Between Holiday and French inspired moods, Perch is the LA destination for a whimsical and most unforgettable December evening out.

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