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Photos By Tommy Garcia Photography

Topshop is my one stop skirt shop… try and say that 5 times fast. And, ok. So I stop for a lot of things at Topshop… but truthfully, they’re always on the front end of trends and they turn out pieces with some of the best (affordable) textures, patterns, and fabric the fashion world has to offer. I’m a skirt girl, so I’ve discovered that Topshop notably houses¬†the best variety of skirts to choose from in terms of length and fit, but one thing they’ve certainly mastered is making each fit figure flattering. I’ll leave wearing a pair of security Spanx to your own discretion, but yes even those tight tube skirts seem to flatter any kind of body type. I’ve picked out 5 of my fav’s out now in Topshop stores or Topshop online, clearly I’m starting a collection of my own (see above: Topshop Bruised Floral Tube Skirt) and hey! I’m not even breaking the bank. Topshop, you are a dangerously good friend. Happy Fashion Friday!

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