Somethin’ About Brandon Boyd and Incubus: Adam’s Tale From the LA Underground

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Name: Adam Newmark

Occupation: Music Industry Professional/ Musician

Location: Brentwood

Favorite Neighborhood Spot: Mom’s Bar

Favorite or most memorable moment/event/happenstance in LA:

“I can’t decide. It’s a tie breaker between meeting/getting a one-on-one moment with Brandon Boyd [lead singer of the band Incubus] on the beach in Malibu on the 4th of July, and a private Incubus show in a little room on La Brea.

In the first story, I was probably 15/16 and I went up to Brandon and told him I was a huge fan; we ended walking down the beach for about 30 minutes, talking about surfing and other cool things. I actually can’t really remember what we talked about, all that was going through my mind was ‘holy shit, holy shit, holy shit, that’s Brandon Boyd, right there, talking to me, holy shit.’ We parted ways and I went back to the party, and about 20 minutes later Brandon Boyd walks by, sees me with all my friends and waves hi to me, in front of all my friends. That was probably the coolest moment in my life, ever.

If you can’t tell, Incubus is one of my all time favorites bands and the reason why music is my life now, so this second story happens about a year ago, in a little room off of La Brea. For 2 weeks Incubus held private, invite only concerts for about 50 of their biggest fans each night. They streamed the entire show online and I got to attend 2 of these events. Just being in that room, watching my favorite band right in front of me, like seriously right in front, I could reach my hand out and touch Mike the guitarist, was also one of the coolest moments in my life.”


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