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5 Reasons To Be A Proud Dodgers Fan:

1. They’re good. Like really good.

2. Their lawn is a pristine piece of shrubbery work. Look at that pattern! And those perfectly straight lines!

3. The ‘Playoff Dog’ (above). That thing was twice the size of my head. And yeah that’s pastrami on a hot dog in a pretzel bun?! Dodgers stadium does LA foodies PROUD.

4. Ice cream in a little helmet. Need I say more.

5. Team players cheer when they do good things and give about zero fux if anyone don’t like it. LA DODGERS GOT ‘TUDE!

Of course not to mention, Greinke, HanRam, Crawford, Adrian Gonzales, Kershaw, the whole team, and PUUUIIIGG! Fingers crossed today for the Boys In Blue!!!

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