If I Could Marry A Beer… : Golden Road Brewery, Glendale


When I drink beer, I drink Hefeweizen. Something about that lemon or orange slice and a murky apple juice lookin’ beverage really does it for me. I’d been introduced to Golden Road Hef by my significant other; if we were out and the bar/restaurant that had it on the menu, thats what he ordered. But it wasn’t until we were posted up at the bar at Public School 310, that the bartender there gave us the 411 on the operation behind the brew. We not only discovered that Golden Road Brewery was local, but that they had a pub… that we could visit… and sample all their delicious beers on tap! And they had food! So, being the awesome, wonderful, thoughtful, perfect girlfriend I am after knowing how much he wanted to visit, I threw my manfriend a surprise birthday party at the Golden Road Pub. And it was perfect. The location is literally “on the other side of the train tracks” where they have a huge space with covered outdoor patios, christmas lights all year, cornhole (or beanbag toss for everyone besides my step brothers), big long tables for mingling with new people or for large parties, and… they have a photo booth. I mean of course besides the amazing food on the menu and the beer, a photo booth is always a plus.

It’s not everywhere in LA that you can come hang at a brewery and park for free. Not to mention, it’s not everywhere in LA that you can even find an “LA brewery”, so this makes Golden Road a must visit place for beer and LA appreciators alike. I drive from Culver City to Glendale just to hang here, and it never ceases to impress me: a new beer and a plate of skinny fries will always be worth the drive.

 Here are some notes I’ve conjured up for your visit: 

If you buy a growler, which you should because you can re-use the bottle, drink it fast!

      We’ve made the mistake of wasting a lot of perfectly delicious beer. Many times. So remember you have a growler in your fridge.

The train will scare the shit out of you.

     And then you will laugh hysterically at you and your friends ridiculous reactions. Prepare.

Golden Road is an awesome place to go for game day.

 I’ve seen fans of all sports here to watch games. I’ve been known to visit before or after a Dodgers game myself.

Come hungry.

This ain’t just a little old brewery with pub like bites. They make delicious (and affordable) high quality food!

Get a flight.

 I have to say, I may be bias because of my strange “proud LA parent” sentimental tendencies, but I haven’t met a beer Golden Road has made that I didn’t like. Have fun, try ’em all. 

They’ve extended the pub hours, and are open later than 11 pm now.

They’re open 11 pm – 2 am Weds – Sat / 11 am – 12 am Sun – Tues : more hours more fun!

Fun Factoids about Golden Road Brewery:

They brew and can all of their beers right behind the Pub in the big ol’ blue building. Why cans you say? Better for the beer, better for the environment, better for everyone.

They have a limited edition beer right now named “It’s Not Always Sunny In LA” – Golden Road is clever.

They’re big on events – they throw ’em, you throw ’em, so keep an eye on their schedule for limited release events and more – Twitter handle @GoldenRoadPub

There are 4 “E”s in Hefeweizen. Four.



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